Our process…

With 27 years of residential construction experience we have seen it all. We have striven to reinvent the remodeling process! We are here to help you at all phases of the design, selection and construction process. By partnering with vetted, time tested and proven trade partners, and suppliers you will never be left alone to try and navigate all the choices and decisions that are required on remodeling projects.

Once we get started we focus on what we call the 3 -C’s: Clean, communication, and conscientious!

First we are committed to keeping your home as clean as possible. We incorporate HEPA air scrubbers that keep not only the jobsite clean, but the rest of your home will not have to “feel the pain” of your project. We protect your floors in and out of the house as well as any wall corners of stair parts that might get bumped or damaged during the project.

Next, we know your busy and your schedule is already disrupted so you will always know when workers will be at your home, No surprise door bells ringing at 7am! You will also be updated on the upcoming work schedule as well as when we need your selections and decisions. We have worked with our trade partners for years so when we say we are coming, we really do show up!